Great Doodle !
Great Dane X Standard Poodle
have you never seen one of these....
Lots of Fluff & Stuffed with Love!
If you have ever had the chance to meet a Standard Poodle and or a Great Dane you will find out they
are truly one awesome dog in there own way.

When crossing these two breeds,I believe you are getting the best of both worlds!

COAT TYPE: short,wire, or curly(full coat-pictured above-)
-keep in mind,full coats will require more brushing & up keep-

COLOR:  Any Poodle or Great Dane coloring
(see parents for color specific litters)

Next Litter : June 2013
Prices will start at :
$800 for any solid black or cream.
$1200 for any other color like merles,Phantom's or  tux's.
$1500 for Harlequin,Parti's & Brindle
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Great Doodle
Great Doodle Lovers! Help me out what color(s) do you want for my next
litter?Please email or call me with your request!
My Stud Dog
Fonzie @ 9 mo
Nellie in Colorado
5 mo
9 mo
Katy @ 9 mo
These girls were born
Black & became Gray